LPS, HOPE, UC, and Talents teaming together for the benefit of Children

On Wednesday October 7th Mrs. Suha Haddadin, Miss Marina Hanhan and Mrs. Ghada Kawwa left Amman heading to Cincinnati in the United States of America in the sphere of collaboration with “Hope” organization with the purpose of implementing Talents Unlimited Model in our schools.  
On Thursday morning, Fr. Faysal and Suha met with Hope board members and the faculty of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Education discussing the progress on an on-going project in which UC, through their Department of special education, provides strategies and resources for teachers to meet the needs of students with post traumatic stress behaviors and learning delays. On the same day Ghada and Marina were escorted to Moeller School, a remarkable school for boys, where they attended some classes such as writing class, a literature class and a class for students with special needs and weak learning abilities.
On Friday, they started their 2 days workshop on Talent Unlimited Training with trainer Kelly Lomax. The workshop started by classifying thinking into convergent and divergent as an introduction to the workshop. Our focal point was ' academic' which covers the five divergent critical and creative thinking talents and skills; productive thinking, forecasting, communication, decision making and planning. The sessions included both theoretical and practical exercises.There was an evaluation (short quiz) after each session. 
The days followed they toured Lady of Lourdes School, All Saints School, Saint Andrew School and Saint Veronica School talking to the students, meeting with the principals and the staff members sharing experiences.
On Sunday, they participated in the mass praying and holding a reading in Arabic.
On the Last day of their visit they attended a session presented by Jan McManus, a 2014 HOPE pilgrim and veteran teacher, regarding    Picture books and writing can lead to inner freedom and mutual understanding explaining different strategies she uses in the classroom to promote tolerance, build community, and help children resolve conflict
After that they had a meeting with some principals and Hope board members to evaluate the benefits of a twinning program between LPS schools and some catholic schools in Cincinnati and how this will have a positive reflection on the students’ learning.
“Education is the best gift we can give our children and it is the issue that will solve all issues.”
Tom Mckiernan, of the Grand Magisterium of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre