Beit Jala: Preparations for the first French camp


Beit Jala:  Preparations for the first French camp

Beit Jala: The administration of Beit Jala LPJ school held a meeting for the parents of the students who are going to participate in the French summer camp which will be held in France this year.

At the inception of the meeting,Mr. Daibes, the school principal, welcomed the students’ parents and Mr. Pascal Francisco, the representative of the partner French Association “Apprentis D’auteuil”, and gave a detailed explanation of the project and its development. He said that this is the fourth version of the French annual camp, but it is the first to be held in France. He reminded the parents that he had announced at the closing ceremony of last year’s camp, and in the presence of a horde of the participating students’ parents, that the next Camp will be held in France and that the participant in this camp are going to be the students who volunteered during the past two years.


He also asserted that this experience will be very rich on the level of cultural exchange and in the development of the language, in addition to making new partnerships and in opening scopes for more cooperation. He also conveyed his deep gratitude to Mr. Pascal who has worked very hard to accomplish this project, and for his appreciation and liking to our people , our sons, our students and Palestine.
He also thanked the students’ parents for their presence and their absolute confidence in their school, its administration and teachers, and for the excellent upbringing of their sons and daughters in absolute corporation with the school and its vision.

Mr. Pascal presented a detailed explanation, which was translated by Mrs. Abeer Massou, about at the daily schedule of the twenty-day camp which will be held at the beginning of July, and presented a detailed explanation about all the sites that will be visited, and the plans and the details of the camp. He also gave some advice to the students concerning their daily life in the camp.

It is worth mentioning that as a result of the cooperation relationship between the school and Apprentis D’ateuil association, three French summer camps were held during the past three years and this will be culminated by the fourth camp which will be held in France for the secondary students who volunteered in the previous three camps.