The Latin Patriarchate school of Jifna was established in 1856.  Its aims were religious missions and scientific consciousness. Since then, many generations have graduated from this school.  It was through these people that the educational process started in this area and it is continuing until this day in order to develop the students to their best level because they are the men and women of the future.

The school has passed through several bad circumstances but its supervisors always insisted that it be maintained in order to bring it up to the best level for the sake of the country.

The school was initially very simple.  There were only two teachers and one sister for the elementary classes and one teacher for the kindergarten. The students were distributed so that every two classes were put into one room because of the lack of rooms and teachers.  This created many problems and did not allow for a suitable learning environment.  This prevented the proper development of the new pupils in spite of their best efforts.  Another big problem was the absence of the necessary equipment to help the students to understand the subjects.

Today, most of these problems have been overcome.  Adequate numbers of specialized people are involved with the school with eight teachers and two sisters working in the school and four more teachers for the kindergarten. Each class has its own room which has helped in creating a suitable educational atmosphere. The school has worked very hard in order to provide its students with all the necessary equipment.  For example, there is a science lab for the basic grades and all the necessary instruments and equipment are also provided for the kindergarten.