The equation of success

26-05-2016  11:06


 The equation of success

Fr. Imad Twal-Jerusalem

Most traditional definitions view success as a destination, or as if it requires a magic recipe to achieve it. But reality asserts that success is a journey, its a collection of talents and skills. It is a continuous process of growing up and everything that happens en route of this trip is at part of the learning experience.

If you dont challenge yourself to do what you dont believe you can do, you do not progress, and even if you progress you may sometime make mistakes. Overpass the fear of making mistakes, its your journey towards development.  

To be a successful person in your work you must have a convincing vision as to what you want from life. A vision in which you achieve your success and the success of your work. Success requires a strong intention to achieve it, but how to achieve is a secondary issue. Define your target, follow the necessary procedures and devise fantastic ways to achieve that. Let success be the source of your inspiration.

Many of us spend their lives looking for the equation of success as though its hidden somewhere. We seek to find it in order to change our lives. As a matter of fact, this equation is between our hands all the time, but the problem is that we have forgotten how to posses it and how it functions.

 It has become obvious that the talents and skills required for success in work could be very simple. Heres a list of bits of advise which may be the equation for success-


Define the priorities of your work. How do you arrange these priorities when you start your work? Recognition of the most important issues for your work.
Be very punctual. Try to get to your appointments a quarter of an hour earlier.
Plan your day. Try to get to work before the other employees and be the last to leave.
Make time for work only, dont waste any second of your time, benefit the most from every day of your life.
Believe that the chances of success are right under your feet, and always think of your future success.

It is not important to do the things right, but to do the right thing.
The most important factor in the equation of success is the art of dealing with people. (Theodore Roosevelt)


No permanent success comes without perseverance. The successful people are neither better nor smarter nor stronger that the others, but they had perseverance and distinguished persistence.(Howard Fisher).

 There is a Chinese proverb that says,(When you plan for a year, sow wheat, when you plan for a decade plant trees, when you plan for a lifetime teach the person and educate him)


These are merely a collection of principal practices through which one can control the method of his work, whether individual or group work, and tries to make this method in achieving his goals one his of his daily habits. This makes him and his team enjoy the work.

 A successful person never stops learning and he realizes that he will never exhaust his capability to grow and to help those who work with him. He will have no problem when he reaches his destination which seemed to be farfetched. He realizes at that very moment that he had not reached his final goal yet, and that he is still on the way of his journey looking for something else to do.


Lets put another consideration that the work environment is constantly changing, and that the principal practices necessary to be successful can also change in an inconsistent environment. The capability of responding to these changes is a definite issue. So, change the methods of achieving your goal in order to get what you want.

Hold onto your vision and to evaluating yourself all the way through until you achieve your goal. Always remember that the equation of success is very simple. Be a leader to the others through applying first what you call for, and this equation will guarantee the success that you seek.