The school and the Parents: from common interest to partnership in education

06-03-2017  10:28


 The school and the Parents: from common interest to partnership in education


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Communication is the pillars on which all partnership between the school and parents stand. When the parents and the educators communicate effectively, the benefit increases, the possibility of conflict diminishes, and the educational performance becomes more enjoyable.

Communication between parents and the school is a two-way road:

give and take Concentrating on the common goal and constant follow up in an atmosphere of positive interaction. Experience has proven that effective communication creates a more efficient educational environment for all, students, teachers and the parents as well

Communication helps the students to
• Become aware of their capabilities and the extent of their educational progress, which they usually lack,
• Abide by the rules and regulations of the school and become aware of what is expected from them.
• Realize their role in enhancing this partnership and to ensure that the channels of communication between the school and the parents are open.

(The school suffers much from the problem of delivering information to the parents. The problem is that many students, especially the teenagers do not deliver school messages to their parents.
Communication also helps the parents:

ness to give and their participation in order to utilize them for the school purposes in a better way.
• Acquiring the ability to understand the parents’ opinions and their different points of view in regards of the upbringing of their children.


The importance of communication between the school and the parents stems from the attitudes that the administration and the teachers adopt towards the parents and vice versa. This necessitates scrutinizing the methods with which the school communicates with the parents, the best way of delivering information to them, and the extent of their concern in engaging them in the problems of their children, and to draw a unified work plan. The real communication process is not based on what the parents know, or on what the teachers believe that the parents know, but on what the teachers want the parents to know, or in other words, cooperate together to know it. The work of the school administration is the key for a successful relationship with the parents through the way of receiving them and helping them in every possible way.