Ramallah: The various committees in the LPS in Ramallah commemorate 100

11-11-2017  09:02


 Ramallah: The various committees in the Latin Patriarchate School in Ramallah commemorate 100

anniversary of Balfour Declaration.


Ramallah- the cultural committee in the Latin Patriarchate School/Ahleya Collage organized different activities On 2nd November that marked 100-year anniversary since the signing of the Balfour Declaration with the presence of Fr. Jamal Khader, the school principal.


On the morning assembly and through Arabic, English and French languages, the students expressed their condemnation and disapproval of this unfortunate declaration and highlighted their right of their land. They raised the Palestinian flag after they heard the Palestinian National Anthem and offered prayers. Students prepared banners with slogans that denounce Balfour Declaration in several languages such as Spanish and Russian besides Arabic, English and French.


Several students presented facts that structured around awareness raising for the Palestinian Rights to their classmates. They focused on right to land, the right of return to refugees, the freedom of the prisoners and to end occupation.