Taybeh school visits Al Nayzak

11-11-2017  09:12


 Taybeh school visits Al Nayzak for Supportive Education and Science Innovation Center in Ber Zeit.

Taybeh: In the series of the scientific visits that the Latin Patriarchate School in Taybeh arranged, the 11th graders of the Scientific stream visited Al Nayzak for Supportive Education and Science Innovation Center on Monday, 6 November, 2017.

In their visit, the students watched a documentary about the Nano technique and the Robots industry and how it is manufactured using simple materials. Their visit also includes learning some physical phenomena, in which they perform some practical experiments. The students interact with the supervisors in the Center where they asked questions and answered others.

Besides, the supervisors explained the Wireless Communication System and the development process it goes through from the control room. The students showed interest and motivation for learning new strategies.
It’s worth mentioning that this series of scientific visits aim to raise students’ awareness of scientific subjects and to widen their horizons, as such activities become a part of their curriculum.

We would like to extend our thanks the science department in the school, and to both Ms. Nour Awad and Ms. Marina Ma’louf for accompanying the students in such purposeful visit.