Ramallah - DELF certificate awarding and honouring the students

04-12-2017  23:08


 Ramallah - DELF certificate awarding and honouring the students

- the Latin Patriarchate School/ Ahliya College in Ramallah organized a certificate awarding ceremony in collaboration with the French-German Cultural Center in the school hall where the first students were honored with prizes, with the presence of Fr. Jamal Khader, the school principal and parents.

In his speech, Fr. Jamal highlighted that the school mission is to improve its students academically and behaviorally, and to prepare them for the practical life. he also assured the importance of the DELF certificate as a recognized certificate that doesn’t get outdated in which it serves its holder.
In Hind’s speech, the french teacher urged the students on the importance of the relevance of language literacy, especially French, as it will open doors as they enter into their working lives.
We extents our greetings for the school administration, students, their parents and especially for their teachers for their continuous efforts.


Below are the names of the students with highest degrees:
1. Luna Hussein - Tawjihi/Scientific Stream B2
2. Anietta Bahbah - 10th grade A2
3. Nour Naser - 8th grade A1
4. Rand Haj Yassin - 7th grade - A1.1 Prim