Beit Sahour: Workshop held to Strengthen partnership in the educational process.

23-12-2017  08:19


 Beit Sahour: Workshop held to Strengthen partnership in the educational process.

BEIT SAHOUR - to continue the series of workshops held in the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Sahour, and to implement the school’s theme of “One Family in teaching and learning”, the administration of the school held the 5th workshop for the teaching staff.

The meeting conducted the results of the survey done during the first semester that aimed to analyze the current situation in the school and implement a joint work plan to reinforce the partnership among the interlocutor of the education process, to contribute in enhancing the quality of learning and to conclude with a set of recommendations and future plans to implement in the school.

Mr. Anton Jaraiseh, the school headmaster started the workshop introducing the results of the study that focused on 3 aspects: what distinguish us as a school and students, what are the weak points in our education process poles, and answering what can we do to change and to contribute in making us special.

The teaching staff were distributed into three groups to discuss the instructions and the school regulations in the students’ acceptance process and collecting the suggestions of a future plan to conclude with recommendations and working mechanism to start in the second semester. It was also agreed on starting a number of mechanisms and concepts in order to help the implementation of the year’s theme.

The survey was given to the teachers during the third workshop held a month before. They analyzed and collected the answers following a certain criteria for presenting it in the fourth workshop for the teaching staff members. The answers were held in an objective and transparent way in order to have clear results.