Beit Jala: Online meeting with different schools

28-02-2018  08:16


 Beit Jala: Online meeting with different schools

BEIT JALA - the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Jala organized an online meeting session for the 7th grade in cooperation with Generation Program under the supervision of Ms. Laila Deibes, the coordinator of the communication program. Under the supervision of Ms. Mary Shomali, Ms. Hanan Kharoufeh and Ms. Nivine Handal, the session gathered the students of Safi School and Marj Al-Hamam School in Jordan.

Ms. Deibes started the session by welcoming the participants. For 60 minutes, the students shared the customs and traditions of their societies and schools, by following the dialogue skills and techniques they have learnt.

The session aimed to strengthen the communication among students, to introduce them to new culture and to accept the different thoughts, opinions and beliefs between them and others.

Ms. Deibes said “The students’ engagement in the dialogue is a high level engagement in their way of asking and answering questions. The students held a high level of responsibility in debating and discussing.”
The school principal stressed the importance of such sessions for the students. It trains them on the language of dialogue and how to discuss, debate, ask and answer questions about different topics on a local, national and international levels.

At the end of the session, the School principal extended his thanks for the program director and teachers for organizing this online meeting.